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What is the SheLEADS Campaign Launched by 888?

What is the SheLEADS Campaign Launched by 888?

888 is one of the world’s leading online casino providers, and established brands have a lot of influence in the industry. An interesting piece of news coming from her office is the recent launch of the SheLEADS campaign, which aims to support women leaders. This company will not only help women rise to the top in one of the most prominent brands, but can also influence other large companies to follow suit and offer more opportunities to female employees.

888 Holdings is the company that controls the 888casino, 888poker, 888sport and Wink Bingo brands. It is most famous for its casino offerings, which are among the most well-known sites in the industry. It is a platform that is always one step ahead in innovation and has access to cutting-edge games from top developers. Casino games range from classics like European and American roulette to poker, live options and jackpots. The abundance of choice is one of 888casino’s core values, which is clear from examining the titles that players can choose from.

888casino is also home to one of the most comprehensive collections of online slots. It offers games from some of rubyrhino.co.uk’s most trusted developers, along with titles from new innovators. For example, it has blockbuster games like Mad Max Fury Road from Aristocrat and Immortal Romance from Microgaming, in addition to newer options like Joe Exotic and Bounty Raid from Red Tiger Gaming. One aspect that sets 888casino apart from the competition is its VIP club. VIP players have access to rewards that come in the form of promotions and invitations to exclusive events. This includes Christmas parties and weekends.

While there may be many successful women in the online casino industry, there is no denying the fact that it is dominated by men. 888 has realized this, which is why they introduced a scheme to try to turn things around. The ambition is to increase the number of women in leading roles in the company by 10 percent or more by 2023. Among the company’s core beliefs are fairness and diversity in the workplace, and there is a great focus on investment and talent development. Women don’t always get the same opportunities as men, so there needs to be a focused initiative to get the recognition they deserve. So, 31 female leaders have been selected to attend weekly sessions by different experts who will develop their skills.

The SheLEADS program is currently in its first year, but plans to continue indefinitely. There are 31 participants taking part over two months, during which time they will receive expert guidance from professionals in the industry. The women were already partners with the company now known as SheLEADERS. Sessions with rubyrhino.co.uk business wizards will work to expand everyone’s skills and develop the key attributes needed to manage at the top of the ruthless sector. This includes qualities such as effective communication and storytelling.

888 has offices around the world, so it represents a scheme that will work across cultures. With the company being a well-known and respected leader, it could have a very positive impact on the online casino industry. In the past, 888casino has often led the way with innovation and the introduction of new technologies. For example, it was one of the first adopters of live streaming for table games. This suggests that other big companies will follow suit after seeing the innovative work done by 888.

The online casino industry generates more than $265 billion annually, highlighting how saturated it is. Any business that makes it to the top and stays there is, therefore, doing something right. 888 is one of the oldest names in the gambling industry, and has managed to stand firm while other giants have risen around it.

One of the key factors to 888’s early success was entering the industry early. The company was founded in 1997 by Avi and Aaron Shaked and Shay and Ron Ben-Yitzhak. At this stage, online casinos are still in their infancy and partners see the tremendous potential of the industry. In the early days, Israeli entrepreneurs tested the waters with several different sites before covering them all under the 888 brand in 2006.

Another important moment in the history of 888 is taking advantage of the poker boom in the 2000s. The owner of the company started Pacific Poker in 2002, just as the popularity of Texas Hold’em poker began to skyrocket. The site is well placed to cater to the tremendous surge of players who flocked to the game after amateur internet player Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003.

Embracing digital innovation and the rapidly changing internet landscape has allowed 888 to survive and thrive. Smart companies have the ability to identify new trends, such as the booming bingo sector. Other innovations include live poker weekends, an industry-leading responsible gambling tool, and selecting new developers as part of a growing portfolio.

888 has become one of the most respected players in the casino industry, and as it moves, others are likely to follow suit. Not only is SheLEADS a great initiative for the company, it could also have a positive impact on the online casino industry as more women gain access to opportunities at big brands around the world. This could lead to an entirely new generation of female leaders, reset the narrative of a one-gender-dominated industry, and level the playing field to create a more diverse and accessible industry.

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