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Uruguay 2 – 1 Portugal |  rubyrhino.co.uk

The FIFA World Cup round of 16 match scheduled for today is the Uruguay vs Portugal match. With Uruguay coming into the game with 3 wins in 3 and Portugal having 1 win and 2 draws, the momentum was in Uruguay’s favor but the Portuguese team’s quality and previous performances gave them 4th featured ranking by FIFA compared to 14th the rankings for Uruguay indicate this is going to be a very close football match!

Uruguay vs. Portugal
Final Score 2-1

The first half saw both sides have very strong starts with a number of chances including Ronaldo’s near goal for Portugal and in 7th a fantastic header by Cavani to put Uruguay ahead. Both teams continued to go strong with Suarez’s free-kick saved that almost gave Uruguay the lead and then Ronaldo’s free-kick hit the wall.

The second half continued like the first with both teams having plenty of chances and Portugal having the majority of shots & possession. A corner brought Portugal back to level with a fantastic header from Pepe in the 55th minuteth minute. But this was followed by Cavani scoring again by finding plenty of space behind the Portuguese defenders and comfortably curling a shot around the keeper in the 62nd minute.and minute. It was a fantastic goal the keeper couldn’t resist but the defenders really let themselves down with the marking. Portugal continued to add to the pressure with a string of incredible goalscoring opportunities including Bernardo Silva failing to find the net after the goalkeeper made a mistake. Uruguay almost made it 3-1 following more defensive errors which gave Rodriquez an excellent scoring opportunity which he could not get late in the game.

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