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List of Real Madrid’s complaints and anger at the referee against Osasuna

List of Real Madrid’s complaints and anger at the referee against Osasuna

Real Madrid not happy with Cesar Soto Gradoinaugurated their 0-0 draw against Osasuna at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday night, with Carlo Ancelotti expressed his frustration at the referee’s decision after the final whistle.

Soto Grado whistled by Real Madrid fans after the fourth referee signaled four minutes of added time, though Sergio Herreraallegations of wasted time and substitutions made in the second half.

Herrera must be cared for by Osasunamedical staff twice after the break due to discomfort and Real Madrid the player believes that more stoppage time should have been added.

Just before the match at the Bernabeu, the referee came in Barcelonamatch against Rayo Vallecano hinted at eight minutes of extra time, with officials likely to give more time this season in LaLiga Santander.

Real Madrid complaints after the game

After the game, Ancelotti express his anxiety with Soto GradoThe decision to signal was only four minutes of added time.

“[The added time] still small,” said Ancelotti.

“I don’t have a stopwatch, but the reality is that today’s football requires effective timing, there’s no other way.”

Thibaut Courtois also expect the referee to give more extra time Real Madrid is piling pressure on Osasuna in the pursuit of potential winners.

“It’s hard to know who added and what [they add], ” Courtois Movistar said.

“I took to the pitch at Camp Nou because of some discomfort and they gave seven” [minutes].

“If you make four changes, plus the goalkeeper [discomfort]… The problem is that there are no criteria and you don’t know what they added and why.”

Dani Carvajal agree with Courtois‘ commented and emphasized that Osasuna The goalkeeper wasted a lot of time in the second half.

Herrera had wasted four minutes,” said Carvajal.

“[There were] two changes at the end where the players started walking. They gave six, seven and eight minutes in all the games and four minutes seems very little.”

Real Madriddirector of institutional relations, Emilio Butragueno, expressed his belief that there was no punishment given to Vinicius Junior.

“Sometimes VAR intervenes and other times it doesn’t,” said Butragueno.

“That stamp [on Vinicius] there are dan [the opponent] could hurt him. Four minutes doesn’t seem like time that should be added.”


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