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Davide Ancelotti and Francesco Mauri: Carlo Ancelotti’s new key players

Davide Ancelotti and Francesco Mauri: Carlo Ancelotti’s new key players

Carlo Ancelotti back to Real Madrid as head coach in the summer and so far he has guided Los Blancos with five wins and a draw from their first five games of the season, however there are two young members of the Italian coaching team who also deserve credit for this impressive start.

On Real Madridtraining ground, assistant coach Davide Ancelotti, Carlo’s son, made a good impression.

“Anyone who goes to Valdebebas and sees them working will not know they are father and son; on the pitch it is a very professional relationship,” they said in Real Madridthe training ground.

Davide Ancelotti was part of his father’s coaching team during his first spell at Real Madrid back in 2013, acted as one of the assistant fitness trainers Giovanni Mauri, but since then he has continued to work and study until he becomes Carlettohis right hand.

Not only Davide Ancelotti have a close relationship with Real Madrid players, but he’s the one who designs and conducts the training sessions while Carlo Ancelotti watching from the side.

In fact, the 32-year-old has had offers to start his career as a head coach elsewhere, and those close to him are confident that one day he will. For now, though, Davide Ancelotti is enjoying his time in Madrid and at Real Madrid.

A sports science graduate, he started his career at Paris Saint Germain, who Carletto was training at the time, before following his father to Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Naples and Everton. On Naples, Davide Ancelotti even became head coach for a game in the absence of his father, who is serving a one-match ban. Davide Ancelotti speaks four languages ​​besides Italian: Spanish, English, German and French.

“I didn’t have the talent to play football, but I loved it, I loved it, so I decided to study and train as much as I could.” Davide Ancelotti said during his time in Everton in an interview with the Guardian.

It is said that the young Italian coach spent half a day at Valdebebas and that he never stopped watching football and analyzing opponents, a task in which Jose Luis Llopis, goalkeeping coach who has returned to Real Madrid this season, also helped him.

Francesco Mauri: Another youngster on Carletto’s staff

There is a youthful feel Carlo Ancelottistaff at Real Madrid, with a 32 year old player Francesco Mauri, son of one of Carlettotrusted coach during his first spell at Los Blancos, Giovanni Mauri, also develop as a co-assistant Davide Ancelotti.

Francesco Mauri discussed in an interview during his time at Everton how Carlo Ancelotti has been modernized in recent years with the support of a new looking backroom team.

“I think the coach deserves great credit for adapting to the evolution of football, which has changed a lot from its inception to today, especially in terms of work methodology,” he said.

“We often discuss the deep differences that his work has endured since the ages. Reggiana for today. He gave us a lot of freedom to the coach.

“If you don’t delegate something to the people around you, it gets really complicated, because you have so many tasks in one week that you don’t have time to keep up with everything properly.

“In general, the cycle of information exchange between our staff continues. We are so close that we can deal with the issues of every game in a very direct way, without having to worry about what they say and how they say it. “


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