Newcastle United to sign former Liverpool playmaker?

10/14/2021 at 1:39 PMCategory:Soccer Game

Newcastle United to sign former Liverpool playmaker?

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Newcastle seriously interested in Coutinho

Newcastle United to sign former Liverpool playmaker?

October 13, 2021 – 21:07

Newcastle United were keen to sign former Liverpool playmaker Philippe Coutinho in January.

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  • The Brazilian was a huge favorite during his five seasons with the Reds, but he left them for Barcelona three years ago.

    Since then, the 29-year-old has struggled for form and consistency, and has been touted for a return to the Premier League.

    Leicester City and Arsenal have been linked with his services in the past, but neither has made an official offer for him.

    According to Bild, there is now real interest in Coutinho from the Magpies and the club are considering a mid-season deal.

    The Blaugrana still owe Liverpool €43m for their record transfer fee, and part of that amount depends on the appearances made.

    They will have to pay the Reds around €20 million if Coutinho plays 100 games for them. He is currently in 96 appearances for the club.

    It’s no surprise that the Catalan giants refused to play him ahead of his possible exit during the winter transfer window.

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    Swimming and diving in college: Panel approves changes to rules regarding officials

    10/07/2021 at 1:32 PMCategory:Soccer Game

    Swimming and diving in college: Panel approves changes to rules regarding officials

    The’s Rules of Play Oversight Panel today approved a clarification of the rules regarding the minimum number of officials that must be present to conduct official swimming and diving meetings.

    The Panel agreed to grant waivers if the required number of officials fell below the minimum required due to unforeseen circumstances. All coaches whose teams are competing in the meeting must agree to the move.

    The minimum number of dignitaries required for dual meetings is two, and the minimum for invited meetings is four.

    The changes to the rules will take effect in the 2021-22 school year.

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    A bona fide competition

    The Panel approved the adjustment of wording around bona fide competition criteria for USA Swimming and USA Diving encounters that may form part of the team schedule and count towards qualification in the swimming and diving championships. The aim is to ensure that participation in designated USA Swimming and USA Diving meetings takes place while representing the school.

    Events must appear on the school schedule so qualifying times can be reached at all events. The following criteria are required:

    • The competition must be between two or more teams of the same gender from different colleges and schools at the same time and place.
    • Any bona fide encounter as defined above that is approved or approved by USA Swimming and USA Diving must follow the rules and regulations.
    • Select USA Swimming and USA Diving acceptable for achievement of time standards, consideration standards and optional entry standards may be set annually by the Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Committee in all three divisions.

    Examples of encounters where time standards can be achieved include the US National Swimming Championships, the FINA World Swimming Championships, and the US Swimming Pro Series.

    Other rule changes:

    • Use of kinesiology tape for divers during competition will be permitted.
    • Standard size and spacing of pool lines at the bottom of the pool at the new facility to comply with USA Swimming and FINA regulations. Specifically, the painted T at the bottom of the pool will be 2 meters (about 6½ feet) from the end wall, not the current 5 feet.
    • Divers will be allowed one practice forward approach or one approach take-off before the start of the diving competition if a separate dive well is not used.

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    Seven-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky has joined Florida’s swimming and diving program as a volunteer swim coach.


    Diving qualification for the 2021 Division II men’s and women’s swimming and diving championships announced

    The qualification for the 2021 DII men’s and women’s diving championships has been announced.


    2021 Division I men’s and women’s diving qualifications announced

    The Division I Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Committee today announced the participants for the 2021 Division I Men’s and Women’s Diving Championships.